Our Partners

With our long term associates and partners we can provide an extensive and wide ranging set of skills and services.

Installation, commissioning and programming specialists: Orange-Automation Ltd  http://www.orange-automation.com

Metrology specialists: Insphere Ltd     http://www.insphereltd.com

Inspection specialists: Wavelength NDT Ltd   http://www.wavelength-ndt.com/

Simulation software: Simulation Solutions Ltd  http://www.simsol.co.uk/

CADCAM software: 4D Engineering Ltd  http://www.mastercam.co.uk/  http://www.robotmaster-uk.com/

Together we can boast centuries of experience in automating manufacturing processes such as welding, handling, machining, 3D printing, composite lay-up, non-destructive testing and non-contact metrology for process optimization and inspection.